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We see so many great ideas in the agendios we produce that we’d like to share some with you this fall. Today we’re featuring two practical pages that come in handy at this time of year:

The first is very specific to Agendio, since our planners are so customizable: Sara made a page to list the changes she wants to make when customizing her next agendio. It’s easier to write down your ideas during the year while you use your agendio than to try to remember all your ideas when your planner is running out, and this simple page does that very well. Consider also adding a blank page next to it to sketch an idea or two.

The second page is a seasonal idea that we see often, a page to track cards and gifts. This one was made by Max to track what he gave last year, what he received last year and what he is sending this year. The page is made from a Flex-table Extra page, so it has the advantage that you can choose the number of columns, set the column widths and also choose if you want lines, what kind of lines and the line spacing.

What Extra page designs would help you keep track of the easily-forgotten details in your life?

As always, let us know if you have any questions.


We see so many great ideas in the agendios we produce that we’d like to share some with you this fall.

At this time of the year, most customers are focused on our fully customizable planners and inserts. But many customers order notebooks, and some customers order both.

So today we’re featuring a great Notebook focused on gardening. Our customer Beth created a variety of useful pages, including some for seeding, tracking each crop and even for designing her next garden layout.

Whether you run a farm or you’re a hobby gardener, or if you’ll be using your notebook for something else, you’ll be putting your notebook to use sooner than you think. And if you are a hobby gardener, what better time to think about planting and harvesting food than Thanksgiving?

Which hobbies or interests in your life would be easier to manage with a custom agendio notebook?


We’re seeing so many great ideas in the agendios we’re producing that we’d like to share some with you this fall.

Today we’re featuring a few tracking pages. They’re a bit different than the ones we usually see and it’s worthwhile noticing how helpful they are.

The first two come from one of our long-standing customers, Jessica, who has been using agendios for five years. She created a calorie counter page and a sleep tracker, and both include a few very useful additional columns.

The last image is not a standard tracking page at all, it’s a daily. However, our customer converted the right-side column into a kind of planning Extra page. Seeing this column every day is a great way to stay focused on what’s important.

What kind of page would help you focus on your goals?


We have just added Italian and German as new languages available in your agendio. That now makes five languages, including English, Spanish and French.
When you choose a foreign-language agendio, the labels for your days and months as well as assorted other labels will be in your selected language, for example Lunedi or Montag.

And because agendios offer full customization, you can also select to include Italian, German and Austrian holidays, as well as selected religious holidays, in their native tongue in your planner. So your agendio will look as it would in Italy or Germany.

We plan to add more languages this summer, so tell us if you have a preferred language!


We’ve received more requests lately from customers asking how to reprint an agendio. We haven’t mentioned this in a while, so we decided to resend our how-to email. It’s very simple:

  • Go to your account, scroll down to the Products section and look for the agendio you wish to reprint;
  • Roll over Options and click on Update & Re‑order. This will bring you to the Builder and load your agendio automatically;
  • Review each section of the Builder to be sure that every part of your agendio is customized as you want it. In particular, check that your activities and events are still correct, that the dates are still valid and that your cover details are as you want them to be;
  • Once you’re sure that all is good, add to cart and checkout.

And while we’re showing you the rollover, it’s a good time to remind you of some of the other options we offer on the account page: 

  • Order details: See a summary of your order. Very useful if you think you made a mistake;
  • Preview planner: The same preview as on the review page;
  • Add to models library: Select this option to add every model in your agendio to your models library;
  • Modify my order: After you make a purchase, we allow you to make small modifications to your agendio, such as adding a forgotten event.


Did you know that Agendio stocks 17 different sizes of spirals in its inventory?

It’s more than other planner companies carry, but it’s important to us to know that no matter how you customize your agendio, your binding will always fit perfectly.

And if you want us to use a bigger size of spiral because you use stickers or you fill your planner pockets to bursting, you can ask for your spiral to be upsized by up to three sizes.


We often see interesting Extra pages created in our Builder, and I wanted to share a recent one with you: Stuff I usually forget.

The idea is to include one or two pages in your agendio on which you write all the little things that you often forget, because there isn’t a good place to keep track of them.

For example:

  • Who is on your home alarm contact list and when you last updated it
  • Where the house water shut off valve is
  • Where the passports are
  • Who you have lent things to and when

What have you forgotten that you wished you had written down? Tell us and we’ll see if we can assemble a page to help remember those details.


We know it’s not the new year, but we wanted to tell you that you can now order planners starting in January 2024.

We will add additional 2024 starting months during the summer.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.


You can now add two pockets to your agendio when you customize it.

Choose between one pocket in back, one pocket in front, or two pockets, one in front and one in back.

The two pockets option is available on both printed cover/spiral-bound and wrap cover/wire-o-bound agendios.

Please note that if your agendio is at or near the maximum thickness/number of pages, and you try to add a second pocket, you may receive a warning to remove some pages first, to make room for the pocket.


Everybody has really taken to highlights since we added them last year. Some of you use one color, but most planners show an assortment of highlight colours.

Since we added highlights, we’ve been asked if we can add more colours. So we’ve added orange to the mix.

Are you enjoying using highlights? Would you add a sixth colour? We think 5 is likely enough, but if you need more, let us know what you have in mind and why and we’ll see if we make more changes to highlights later this year.

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