Month: March 2023


Everybody has really taken to highlights since we added them last year. Some of you use one color, but most planners show an assortment of highlight colours.

Since we added highlights, we’ve been asked if we can add more colours. So we’ve added orange to the mix.

Are you enjoying using highlights? Would you add a sixth colour? We think 5 is likely enough, but if you need more, let us know what you have in mind and why and we’ll see if we make more changes to highlights later this year.


We’ve received many inquiries from customers about buying more page markers when purchasing an agendio. It seems many of you use them not only in your agendios, but also in books, music sheets, cookbooks, textbooks and all sorts of other places and you need more of them.

So we’ve made a few changes and you can now purchase up to 6 page markers when you purchase your next agendio.

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