Month: July 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

We know it’s not the new year, but we just wanted to let you know that agendios starting in January 2018 are now available.

They were scheduled for the end of summer, but many of you asked us to make them available earlier, so they’re ready now.

Another first from Agendio: FLEX TABLES

You want to add tables to your planner but you wish you could adjust the width of each column depending on its use. Now you can.

flex-tables- leads

On the Extra Pages page, choose the “Flex Tables” category, find a model with the number of columns you want, add your labels at the top of each column and then customize the width of each column to suit your needs: Make them wider for names, narrower for progress checkmarks or numbers. As with all Agendio features, you can customize it so it suits your needs.

flex-tables- student

Please notice that the customize column for Flex Tables has two tabs/panels: One for your labels and one for customizing your lines and checkboxes and shading. You now have so many options that they don’t all fit in one panel anymore!

Once you give it a try, please use our feedback page to let us know what you think, if you like this new feature and how you would make it even better!


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