Month: May 2016

Extra, Extra! Get your extra pages!

About 75 or 100 years ago, newspaper sellers would shout out “Extra, extra read all about it!” when selling their papers, if a big event happened after the main edition had been printed and an extra edition had been printed with the latest news.

So, we’re shouting too, to let you know that we have updated our extra page selections in a very big way! We have added a big selection of extra pages of 5 types, each with a line that adjusts to your custom color selection, and also offering three different line spacings (3/16″, 1/4″ and 5/16″).

Here are samples of our lined, dotted, grid and grid-dash lines:


Lined extra sheet2





Grid with dashed lines


You can also add plain pages.

Depending on the frequency you selected, you can add up to 72 extra pages and you can choose the order in which they are printed.

So, what will you choose?

Should you stay in the shading?

Now you can choose which of your planner pagelets can be shaded!

Previously we shaded specific sections of planners for visual effect, such as the monthly calendar that is usually found on the top right section of your layout.


But now, you can choose to highlight certain additional spaces of your choosing, such as divisibles and label pagelets. We’ll still shade specific pagelets for you, but now you can add others of your choosing.

Here’s how you do it: If you select a pagelet that allows for customized shading, you will see a checkbox with the text “Apply shaded background”.

Check it and then click “Apply” and it will add shading to the selected section



It’s that simple.

Just remember: Shading is like perfume and exclamation points: Don’t use too much or you’ll spoil the effect.

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