Month: March 2016

Client Customizations

Every week we have the privilege to look at what our customers have created. It’s fascinating to see each planner’s customized layout and how each one successfully addresses a specific person’s individual requirements with creativity and insight.

Recently, we received a few requests from people asking if we would be willing to show some of our customers’ layouts to help them customize their own layouts, since they were having trouble working through all the options and possibilities. It occurrred to us that if they could benefit from seeing these layouts, so might other site users.

Client Planner

So we added a new section, called Client Customizations, which you can link to from the home page or by going to

We selected a bunch of different ones, from which we pick 10 to show you randomly. We hope you enjoy them!




Student Agendios

We receive many requests and suggestions every week and we try to add as many of your requests as we can. However, we do not have any dedicated products for students.

Nonetheless, many students are using their imagination and creativity to customize planners for school. I’d like to share one with you that I thought was well done:


Maybe we should have awards for the best-customized planners?



Does the Week Start with Sunday or Monday?

At Agendio, we don’t know and we don’t care, which is why you can start your planner on whichever day you want, even Wednesday!

And now, you can also start your monthly and weekly planners on different days. Your weekly can start on Monday and your monthly on Sunday or whichever day you prefer. Simply select each of your start days on the first (info) screen of the builder.

Different Start Days

So does the week start on Sunday or Monday? Apparently it can now do both at the same time!

Activities: Weekly or monthly?

Some of you have mentioned that you don’t need to see your activities in your monthly pages and you would prefer to keep the space for other events.

So we’ve added a new option for our customizable Weekly-Monthly planners: Now, if you choose to, you can print your activities only on your weekly pages, not on your monthlies.

Activities not in monthly

You’ll find the checkbox just to the right of the activities save button.

One of these things is like the others

Suppose you have five items to add to your planner:
– Your meeting with a senior manager.
– Calling to make a reservation for supper in two weeks;
– Preparing for your presentation for the quarterly meeting;
– The big yearly sale at your favourite store;
– Picking up your teenage daughter downtown at night.

Is there any difference in how you should write these in your planner? Are any of them similar or different? How would you list them?

Meeting with the manager of the company is at a specific time and you should be punctual, so it should be listed as a task at a specific time on that day and highlighted or emphasized.

Calling to make a reservation for supper in two weeks is not particularly specific as to time as long as it’s done soon, so it would be best placed in a more general task area.

The presentation for the quarterly meeting will require many days of work, so you should have a way to block off time on many days for this task.

Why Customizable Planners?

We rely on our planners to organize our days and our weeks, highlight our tasks, assemble our to-do lists, track our progress and record important details. The more organized our planners are, the more organized we are. But how can we be optimally organized if the tool we use to stay efficient does not suit our individual needs?

That, in one paragraph, is why customizable planners.

Most planners have similar layouts, so you must adapt to your planner. That’s backwards! And that’s why Agendio was created, to create an ever-growing selection of customizable planners.

This blog will focus on all things planner and customizable, as well as some general planner/planning topics. We will look at how we plan and manage our planners and whether there are any more rewarding approaches. I hope it will be informative, entertaining, maybe a little educational. If we are even a little successful, we may shine a light on some new ways of thinking about planners and the planning process.

And if you have questions you would like the blog to address or suggestions for topics, please don’t be shy and send them in.

Finally, to everyone who has purchased an agendio since our launch, a sincere thank you for your trust and your kind comments.


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