It’s now July. 2024 is already half gone (!) and planner fans are starting to think about planners for 2025.

You can now order your agendio with start dates up to July 2025.

If you like to order two agendios for each year in advance, one starting in January and the other in July, you can now order them.

Don’t forget about our “Future month” pages – Our Extra pages that look like row monthlies. They can be very useful if your agendio runs only for part of a year.

Add some after your dated pages to have a place to list appointments and todos right after your planner ends, and then copy over those tasks when you start your next planner.


We’re continuing our series on the best agendio features.
Today we look at Lists.

When you customize your agendio, you can add lists to your divisible pagelets. So you can include repeating todos, without having to write them by hand on every spread.

You also add checkboxes or checkcircles when you add list labels, which will add a checkbox on each line before each list item, so you can mark each one when it’s done.

You can also add multiple lists. If you divide your divisible into multiple pagelets, you can add separate lists to any or all of them.


We’re continuing our series on the best Agendio features. Today we look at start date options.

Start on any date…

You can start your agendio on any day of the year. That means not only any month, but also any day of any month. So it can be January 1, but it can also be March 15th, July 4th, September 25… Whatever day you prefer.

It can also be your birthday. Your planner guides you as you live your life – Consider starting your agendio on your birthday and track each year of your own life.

… and any day

Does the week start on Sunday or Monday? We don’t know, which is why, at Agendio, you can choose any day to start. You can even start your Weekly on one day, such as Monday, and your monthly on a different day, for example Sunday. 

You can also set your layouts and mini-calendars to start on different days. So you can start your weekly pages on Mondays, but start your monthly mini-calendars on Sunday. 


Last week we shared details about our colors. This week we want to share details about shading and highlights:


You can add pale shading to most of the pagelets in your agendio. You can do this to draw attention to them or simply to add color to your pages.

You can also choose to shade just your weekends, so as to separate them visually when you look over your week or month.


You can also highlight your events and activities in one of six highlight colors to make them more visible and categorize them. Highlight activities and events such as birthdays, paydays, garbage day, practice, or any other event or activity you don’t want to miss. Do you forget to pay credit card or utility bills? Did you forget your last anniversary? Highlights might help.

Choose from six highlight colors – Yellow, blue, green, pink, orange and violet.


Agendio planner and insert pages are available in a selection of colors. You can select colors by month, so you can choose a dozen colors for your 12-month planner.

And you can do more:

Choose colors individually for each of your Extra page sections. For example, your budget pages can be in green, your tracker pages in blue and your meal pages in marigold.

Your tab pages will match your other pages. Add tab pages to your agendio and we make sure that the colors of the tab pages and the plastic tabs match the pages they go with.

You can also have your planner pages printed in Black & White, which will reduce the cost of your Agendio. The print will look dark grey. Although your pages are not printed in color, you get all the other features of a color Agendio, all the customizability and other options and you still get a color cover.


We’re continuing our series on the best agendio features. Today we look at Covers and bindings.

Spiral-bound soft covers

Agendio offers more than 150 designs of printed spiral-bound covers that you can personalize, or more than 300 when you count colour options. They are bound with a clear plastic overlay and can lay flat and/or fold over.

View all designs

Wire-bound hard wrap covers

Our eco-leather wrap covers wrap around the pages and hide the wire binding. They are available in ten colours, can lay flat, but are not designed to fold back completely on themselves. Due to the smaller diameter of wire binding, they hold fewer pages than spiral-bound planners.

View all colors

Binding: Spirals and Wire-os

All Agendio planners are bound with either Wire-O / twin loop or spiral wire. This allows us to bind single copies of customized planners efficiently and in a manner that allows them to lie flat.

Wire-O is used exclusively inside our wrap covers.

Our spiral-bound planners are bound with silver-colored metal wire. We match the thickness of your agendio to the appropriate diameter of spiral wire, from our inventory of 17 sizes of spiral wire that range between 0.5 to 1.5 inches. You can also upsize your spiral by up to three sizes (See below).

Spiral upsizing

If you keep many loose sheets of paper in your agendio or you plan to glue a large number of stickers on your pages, you can choose to have your Spiral-bound agendio bound with a bigger diameter spiral. We offer three sizes of upsizing: +1/16”, +1/8” and +3/16”.


We’re continuing our series on the best agendio features. Today we look at Extra pages and planning pages.


Agendio offers dozens of customizable Extra Pages. They include lined, dotted, grid and blank, as well as Habit trackers, Meal planners, Financial pages, Contacts, Year-end carry-over pages and even Tables with flexible column widths.

Customize them with your details and select individual colours for each set of pages to make them even more functional and effective.


Agendio also offers planning pages that support you with every kind of personal goal. Use them to plan ahead, to review the previous month or just to evaluate how you’re doing right now.

Choose from a wide variety of layouts, keep the categories and labels we added or customize the labels to better suit your planning requirements.

Look at our full selection of Extra pages and planning pages in our Features section.


We’re continuing our series on the best agendio features. Today we look at activities, events and holidays.

With an agendio, you have full flexibility and control over what activities, events and holidays appear in your planner and also where they appear.


You can enter all your personal and family events and we will include them in your planner.

We will save your list for the following year, so when you buy again from us, you will not have to re-input all your information, as you do with store-bought planners.


At agendio, you can not only create a custom list of your activities, but you can choose from more than a dozen options for how often to show them, such as every week, once a month on day x, on the last day of the month, and many others.


Most planners show only a small number of standard national and religious holidays. Agendio maintains a huge list of all national national and religious holidays from around the world, and also offers lists of state, provincial and other holidays, as well as observances, so you can customize your planner to suit your affiliations. 

You can add your selections by country, by type within a country or add and remove individual holidays one at a time. You can also add full or partial lists from religions or even individual religious holidays. It’s up to you.

Content Display

Once you create custom lists of your activities, events and holidays, you can also choose on which pages to print them in your planner. You can choose to show them on any combination of monthly, weekly or daily pages.

Next time you’re in the Builder, explore all our activities, events and holidays options, make your choices and we’ll take care of the rest.

→ Next week: Extra pages


We’re continuing our series on the best agendio features. Today we look at Divisibles and Detailing.

Standard to-do lists quickly become very long and disorganized. You can’t see what’s more important or what goes together and you have to go through the entire list to find anything.

Agendio’s Divisible pagelets are the solution: Lists can be subdivided into many smaller pagelets. Select the number and sizes of pagelets you need, then label them as you want, all in minutes.

Once you subdivide your pagelets, you can also detail them: Customize your pagelets with solid lines, dashed lines, checkboxes and other visual details, and also adjust the line spacings.

Do you like one big todo list or sub-divided? Plain todo lists or lined? Do you want to check off tasks as they are done, or simply cross them out? With agendio, it’s up to you.


We’re continuing our series on the best agendio features. Today we’re looking at schedules. Agendio schedules are the most customizable schedules available in planners today.

Did you know that you can:

  • Choose from multiple designs to suit your style
  • Adjust your line spacing: Increase it for large handwriting or reduce it to increase the number of lines in your schedule.
  • Select a custom start time: Very handy if you start early or you work a late shift.
  • Replace time labels with text labels, such as “Supper time” or “Go for a walk” or change your time labels to the 24:00 format
  • Vary your pace: Part of your schedule can be one line per hour, then another section can be one line per 15 minutes. This can be very convenient for teachers: One line per class period, then 10-15 minutes per line after school for meetings. 

Make your schedule design follow your needs. You can do that with an agendio

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